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2Rcode is a programmable, reusable, redirectable code using Redirectable QR codes (Quick Response codes) and Near Field Communications (NFC) tags Touch and Tap technologies. While these technologies will be seen more and more in future, 2Rcode fills the gap between marketing and technology with a redirectable, dynamic and trackable solution.

Campaign management and customer relationship management (CRM) functions can be managed from within our simple interface. Campaigns can be scheduled and randomized, and changed on the fly. 2Rcode can be repurposed with 25+ actions that make your code or tag purposeful and dynamic.  


2R code provides access to a variety of solutions (See Demo):

    • Paperless Event Management and Registration Services and Application (available July 2013)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Data Collection and Data Analytics
    • Expedited Registration and Event Check-in using the latest technologies
    • Interactive Kiosks Designed and Implemented for in-door and outdoor use (available July 2013)
    • Interactive Print and Mobile Media Design and Production
    • Create On-Line Event Communities of Registrants based on confirmed Registrations
    • Engage Registrants with Social Networking
    • Event Branding
    • Live Streaming to On-Line Event Channel(s)
    • Multi-media Aggregator to On-Line Event Channel(s)
    • Children Identity Apparel and Tracker
    • Child Monitoring and School Access Control
    • Marketing and Advertising - Surveys, Gamified Discounts and Offers, Voting, Loyalty Programs
    • Retail Displays that Eliminate Showrooming
    • Wearable Computing - Personal Apparel and Household Goods
    • Inventory Management
    • Education and Information Dissemination
    • Paper Reduction and Paperless Processing: Stop asking customers to complete paper surveys



QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Inc.  Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart devices (e.g., smartphones) for radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing the devices into close proximity, (e.g., within centimeters). NFC makes touchless transactions (e.g., payment systems and data exchanges). Let our 2Rcode Team provide you a demonstration today. Please contact us by Email at Admin@2Rcode.com, or on Twitter at @2RCode, or on Facebook at Reusable Redirect.

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