2R code makes interactive marketing, advertising and event planning easy.   2R code makes interactive marketing, advertising and event planning easy. 2R code is a Reusable Redirect, a Redirectable code deployed using Redirectable QR codes and/or Near Field Communications (NFC). You may change the action performed by the 2R code anytime and even schedule or randomize actions to execcute to promote yourself, organization, or business.


What's a digital marketing campaign? Digital marketing campaigns are designed to attract customers to interact with brand's online, such as by driving trade show traffic or a mobile loyalty program.


Is a digital campaign easy to launch? Yes. Campaigns range in implementation from simple to complex. Campaigns include on-line content (mobile ready website) and traffic drivers (such as, Near Field Communications (NFC) chips and/or Quick Response (QR) codes) used to engage consumers.


Why should my company employ a digital marketing program? Consumers interact with content using any number of methods, including a majority of interactions deriving from mobile devices such as smart devices. Consumers searching for your product, view your branding in a mobile ready way to capture information from those interested consumers and to measure campaign performance through analytics.


Are digital marketing campaigns only for large companies? No way! We have programs that can be launched for as little $9.95 per month.


Why do I need to have a mobile site? Simply put, the World is Mobile. Consumers expect mobile content viewable from a mobile device.


My website is complex. Depoying a mobile site is a major project, how do I get started? Our mobile marketing and advertising solution may be implemented with no, or limited programming changes to your website.


What are the basic tools I should be leveraging for digital marketing? Modern sales cycles and how you acquire consumers may include using desktop computers, tablets and smart devices to engage the consumer with branded content. Mobile marketing and advertising makes use of redirectable technology, including Near Field Communications (NFC) chips and/or Quick Response (QR) codes as well as other tools. We assess your mobile marketing and advertising needs and provide you with a tailored solution, as complex or simple as appropriate.


What makes 2Rcode special? 2Rcode innovates, develops mobile marketing and advertising best practices. 2Rcode provides a simple user interface to create, launch and manage digital campaigns and view dashboard analytics. Try our free subscription to immediately launch a campaign. Use our mobile app Scan2Spin designed to attract, engage and capture consumer impressions.


How easy can a 2Rcode Mobile Marketing and Advertising Campaign be deployed?

Create at least one Campaign and 2Rcode (redirectable code deploying Near Field Communications (NFC) chips and/or Quick Response (QR) codes).

Assign one or more of over 24 Actions for the 2Rcode to perform to engage and collect information from consumers.

Schedule when to perform the one or more of over 24 Actions for the 2Rcode. Done!


See How It Works for more answers.


QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Inc. A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is, simply put, a barcode first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Unlike typical barcodes that only retain up to 30 numbers in it, a QR code can store up to 7,089. This means much more data in a tiny barcode! When scanned by a QR code application on your smartphone, it accesses anything from a website URL, to videos, SMS texts and Vcards.  Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart devices (e.g., smartphones) for radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing the devices into close proximity, (e.g., within centimeters). NFC makes touchless transactions (e.g., payment systems and data exchanges). Let our 2Rcode Team provide you a demonstration today. Please contact us by Email at Admin@2Rcode.com, or on Twitter at @2RCode, or on Facebook at Reusable Redirect.