How it Works

2R code makes interactive marketing, advertising and event planning easy.  2R code is a Reusable Redirect, a redirectable code deployed using redirectable QR codes and/or Near Field Communications (NFC). You may change the action performed by the 2R code anytime and even schedule or randomize actions to execute to a promotion for yourself, an organization, or a business.  See What's the difference between Static and Dynamic redirectable codes (redirectable QR codes)?


Use 2Rcode to increase your brand influence. Attract. Engage. Capture. Make your campaign viewable on multiple devices, Direct traffic to you, Receive data analytics. Develop Performance Goals.  Monitor results. Launch your Campaign Now! No commitment. Subscribe today.


Are you new to 2Rcode? Please follow these easy steps to deploy your 2Rcode Mobile Marketing and Advertising Campaign today.


A.  Select a Subscription (e.g., Free, 2Rtag, Personal or Commercial).

B.  Register with 2Rcode to create your user account and password.

C.  Login to 2R code.


1.  Create at least one Campaign and 2Rcode (redirectable code deploying Near Field Communications (NFC) chips and/or QR codes).

2.  Assign one or more of over 24 available Actions, such as linking to your website, or a Facebook page.

3.  Schedule when to perform the Action(s).



Have someone scan your 2Rcode to view the Action assigned to the 2R code.  View the data analytics and graphical reports for your 2Rcode to identify trends, develop a response to impressions and engage your customer.


See the 2Rcode demo for a few examples of how you might be able to utilize 2R Codes.


2Rcode currently provides 25 Actions for configuration with more features being deployed every day: 


2Rcode Configurable Actions 



URL Link  *  Text  *  YouTube  *  Vcard  *  Vcalendar  *   Facebook Profile / Page  *   Email Address  *   Email Message  *   Google Map  *   Linkedin Profile  *  Payment Method  *  FourSquare * WiFi Access * Twitter * SMS Message * Sweepstakes * Survey * Facebook Like Button * Lottery * Skype ID* Telephone Number * Voting * Buy item - Purchase Tag * 2Part Business Card * Download Document



The 2RCode Campaign Reports provide data analytics information including Mobile Device Types and Geo-Location Analytics, Scans by Date, Scans by Action Performed, Google Map and Customized as need such as data capture Questionnaire results.  2Rcode provides Analytics Reporting (client customizable) in graphical and numeric formats, including information directed to:


Mobile Device Types and Geo-Location Analytics:


Mobile Device Types and Geo-Location Analytics



 Geographic mapping of Scanned 2Rcode:


Geographic mapping of Scanned 2Rcodes



 Number of 2Rcode Scans by Date (Month)


Number of 2Rcode Scans by Date (Month)



Number of 2Rcode Scans by Action Types


Number of 2Rcode Scans by Action Types



Number of 2Rcode Scans for each 2Rcode for a Campaign


Number of 2Rcode Scans for each 2Rcode for a Campaign



  • 2Rcode data analytics provide the Mobile Device Type of Responders; Geographical Location to identify the location where the merchant's marketing campaign material (embedded with 2Rcodes) was engaged by a responder; facebook Demographics of Responders.


  • Marketing/Advertising interactions are recorded real-time to determine which campaign interations result in greater and/or optimal numbers and quality of responders.


  • 2Rcode Time of Day Action Programming allows scheduled promotions to perform certain actions throughout a 24 hour period or another scheduled frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).


  • 2Rcode Subscribers may receive Real Time Notice of Interested Responders via one or more selected communication methods including email, sms and phone.





QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Inc. Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart devices (e.g., smartphones) for radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing the devices into close proximity, (e.g., within centimeters). NFC makes touchless transactions (e.g., payment systems and data exchanges). Let our 2Rcode Team provide you a demonstration today. Please contact us by Email at, or on Twitter at @2RCode, or on Facebook at Reusable Redirect.

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