Touchless Picture/Video Kiosk

2Rcode plans to make available, July 2013, a Touchless Picture/Video Kiosk for merchants and organizations to use indoors and outdoors to engage customers, provide information and collect impressions. When a user approaches the 2Rcode kiosk, sensor changes screen or emits sound to acknowledge viewer. 2Rcode displays an order for user to scan or tap a 2Rcode or NFC reader pad on the kiosk with the user's smart device (optionally display touch keyboard when user selects). When the user scans or taps the 2Rcode with a smart device (optionally, enter information on touch keyboard on kiosk), 2Rcode prompts user to optionally to log into Facebook, then "like" sponsor's product/ service, or enter email address or phone number to receive confirmation message. 2Rcode posts video/picture to the user's Facebook page and/or sends the video and/or picture to user via the method selected. 2Rcode to communicates user a confirmation/ authentication email message and/or text message with instructions to email or text 2Rcode kiosk or select hyperlink to confirm identity. When 2Rcode receives confirmation, the kiosk displays user controls to begin recording video (30 seconds, 1 minute, open ended) or take picture. User touches start and stop button on kiosk, or selects hyperlink found in email or text on user's smart device to start and stop the video / picture. 2Rcode communicates video/picture as specified by the user. Great way to engage the customer, provide information and customer capture impressions.