What's a Redirectable QR code ?

A redirectable code, commonly referred to as a redirectable QR code, is a reusable redirectable (programmable) that employs the latest technology [e.g., currently, Redirectable QR codes - Quick Response Codes, Near Field Communications (NFC), Touch and Tap technologies.]  2R code is a Reusable Redirect, a Redirectable code. You may change the action (e.g., currently twenty five configurable actions) performed by the 2R code anytime, and even schedule or randomize actions to execute in order to promote yourself, organization or business.

Use 2Rcode to increase your brand influence. Attract. Engage. Capture. Make your campaign viewable on multiple devices, Direct traffic to you, Receive data analytics. Develop Performance Goals.  Monitor results. Launch your Campaign Now! No commitment. Subscribe today.