What's the difference between Static and Dynamic redirectable codes (redirectable QR codes)?

A static QR code once configured (e.g., generated) to perform a particular action, such as redirect to a URL cannot be changed to perform another action.


Dynamic redirectable QR codes such as those provided by 2Rcode innovates a great idea to enable individuals, organizations and commercial enterprises to realize new ways to do more to collect, track and disseminate information. 2Rcode is a reusable redirectable (programmable), campaign management and customer relationship management (CRM) tool that employs the latest technology [e.g., currently, Redirectable QR codes - Quick Response Codes, Near Field Communications (NFC), Touch and Tap technologies.]  2R code is a Reusable Redirect, a Redirectable code. You may change the action performed by the 2R code anytime and even schedule or randomize actions to execcute to promote yourself, organization, or business.

Use 2Rcode to increase your brand influence. Attract. Engage. Capture. Make your campaign viewable on multiple devices, Direct traffic to you, Receive data analytics. Develop Performance Goals.  Monitor results. Launch your Campaign Now! No commitment. Subscribe today.


2Rcode Subscribers, depending on the subscription plan, may deploy several useful personal and business solutions, including:

   • Paperless Event Management and Registration Services and Application (available July 2013)
   • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
   • Data Collection and Data Analytics
   • Expedited Registration and Event Check-in using the latest technologies
   • Interactive Kiosks Designed and Implemented for in-door and outdoor use (available July 2013)
   • Interactive Print and Mobile Media Design and Production
   • Create On-Line Event Communities of Registrants based on confirmed Registrations
   • Engage Registrants with Social Networking
   • Event Branding
   • Live Streaming to On-Line Event Channel(s)
   • Multi-media Aggregator to On-Line Event Channel(s)
   • Children Identity Apparel and Tracker
   • Child Monitoring and School Access Control
   • Marketing and Advertising - Surveys, Gamified Discounts and Offers, Voting, Loyalty Programs
   • Retail Displays that Eliminate Showrooming
   • Wearable Computing - Personal Apparel and Household Goods
   • Inventory Management
   • Education and Information Dissemination
   • Paper Reduction and Paperless Processing - Stop asking customers to complete paper surveys

2R code is invaluable to retailers with large and small quantities of inventory, who are interest to collect customer impressions.  2Rcode enables retailers to implement scannable codes to instantly purchase items on line in order to reduce or eliminate “showrooming.” Place 2Rcodes next to products and services material and direct the codes to the on-line presence of the product or service. Never replace the code, just reconfigure the code to a new product or service to reflect changes. Subscribe today.

Retailers may place 2R codes in display windows and cases so that customers scan for discounts (e.g., randomized awards). 2Rcodes allow a merchant to merely place the 2Rcode in a window and/or next to a product or service documentation. The consumers scan 2Rcodes to receive an email confirmation of the reward/ discount. The email includes a link that the customer selects to send an acknowledgement confirmation to the merchant identifying the consumer when the consumer comes to the merchant to redeem the reward/ discount.

For example, Clients may forward us a TSV file of product codes, the corresponding on-line URL location and/or one or more of twenty something configurable actions (e.g., Facebook like, email, vcard, voting, survey, randomized disounts and offers), and 2R code automatically generates codes to place next to products that go to the product’s on-line presence; when inventory changes just import a CSV file (e.g., Spreadsheet) with the changes or configure the codes individually with a desired URL location or action(s). Subscribe today.

2Rcodes may be configured to perform one or more multiple actions at scheduled frequencies, including the second, minute, hour, day, or month. Let our 2Rcode Team setup your campaign today. Watch our 2Rcode training videos on our YouTube Channel at 2Rcode .


2Rcode provides Analytics Reporting (client customizable) in graphical and numeric formats, including information directed to:


Mobile Device Type of Responders;


•  Geographical Location within 150 ft or 45.72 m to identify the location where the merchant's marketing campaign material (embedded with 2Rcodes) was engaged by a responder;


•  Demographics of Responders;


•  Marketing/Advertising Action Executed By Time to determine which campaign action result in greater and/or optimal numbers of responders;


•  Time of Day Action Programming to schedule your promotions (embedded with 2Rcodes) to perform certain actions throughout a 24 hour period or some other scheduled frequency; and


• Real Time Notice of Interested Responders via one or more selected communication methods including email, sms and phone.


2Rcode plans to make available July 2013, a Touchless Picture/Video Kiosk for merchants and organizations to use indoors and outdoors to engage customers, provide information and collect impressions. When a user approaches the 2Rcode kiosk, sensor changes screen or emits sound to acknowledge viewer. 2Rcode displays an order for user to scan or tap a 2Rcode or NFC reader pad on the kiosk with the user's smart device (optionally display touch keyboard when user selects). When the user scans or taps the 2Rcode with a smart device (optionally, enter information on touch keyboard on kiosk), 2Rcode prompts user to optionally to log into Facebook, then "like" sponsor's product/ service, or enter email address or phone number to receive confirmation message. 2Rcode posts video/picture to the user's Facebook page and/or sends the video and/or picture to user via the method selected. 2Rcode to communicates user a confirmation/ authentication email message and/or text message with instructions to email or text 2Rcode kiosk or select hyperlink to confirm identity. When 2Rcode receives confirmation, the kiosk displays user controls to begin recording video (30 seconds, 1 minute, open ended) or take picture. User touches start and stop button on kiosk, or selects hyperlink found in email or text on user's smart device to start and stop the video / picture. 2Rcode communicates video/picture as specified by the user.  Great way to engage the customer, provide information and capture impressions.




QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Inc.

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart devices (e.g., smartphones) for radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing the devices into close proximity, (e.g., within centimeters). NFC makes touchless transactions (e.g., payment systems and data exchanges). Let our 2Rcode Team provide you a demonstration today. Please contact us by Email at Admin@2Rcode.com, or on Twitter at @2RCode, or on Facebook at Reusable Redirect.

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