What's A 2R Code?


2R code makes interactive mobile marketing, advertising and event planning easier for agencies, companies and organizations with an integrated, trackable solution.


Many of us are familiar with QR (Quick Response) codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags: They're a static, yet simple and immediate way to share your website, or really any link, with the outside world. The issue with these QR codes is that they're unchanging, and you have to create a new code to point to a new link. This can represent quickly outdated materials and big printing costsNFC can be changed, but you still aren't realizing the full potention of this technology. 


2Rcode is dynamic: You may change the code or tag's action anytime and even schedule or randomize actions to execute. At a trade show or conference? Randomize the scans for promotions, or schedule lotteries or updated information. Need 1,000 unique QR codes for business cards? Just upload your .CSV file and it's done on the fly. Mobile payments? Our solution (with hardware addition) makes it easy to implement payment at your restaurant's tables or anywhere you choose.



What's more, with our detailed analytics you can track each scan for type of mobile device, geolocation, Google® maps, actions taken and more customized reporting. 



Use 2Rcode to increase your brand influence.

Attract. Engage. Capture.

Make your campaign viewable on multiple devices. Direct traffic to you. Receive data analytics. Develop Performance Goals. Monitor results. Launch your campaign now! No commitment. Check it out today.



How can 2Rcode work for you? 


  • Paperless event management, registration, check-in, user alerts and tracking
  • Interactive kiosks.
  • Wearable computing.
  • Interactive marketing campaigns.
  • Child monitoring and school access control
  • Yes, there's more.



QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Inc.  Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart devices (e.g., smartphones) for radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing the devices into close proximity, (e.g., within centimeters). NFC makes touchless transactions (e.g., payment systems and data exchanges). Let our 2Rcode Team provide you a demonstration today. Please contact us by Email at Admin@2Rcode.com, or on Twitter at @2RCode, or on Facebook at Reusable Redirect.

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